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Green Mamba (dendroaspis angusticeps)

How Dangerous Is A Green Mamba ???

As like the name, Green Mamba's body is coloured green, that could make Green Mamba's perfect camouflage better. Green Mamba will wait patiently for a perfect attack time 

What Is In Green Mambas Venom ???

Neurotoxic and Cardiotoksin (active)

What Will React If You Get Bitten ???

-You will be normal for a few minute

-You will wet yourself 

-You will throw up a little 

-And then, after about 30 minutes, your nervous sistem will shut down 

-After your nervous sistem shut downs, your heart and brain shut's down 

How To Describe A Green Mamba ???

-Green Mamba ussualy doesn't have black spots on it's stumach 

-Green Mambas skin colour is solid green 

-Green Mambas stomach colour is yellow 

What's Green Mambas Warning To Strike When Cornered ???

Much like the Black Mamba (see my blog on, Green Mambas warning is opening it's mouth 

Green Mamba