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Leaf Nosed Viper.jpg

The Leaf-Nosed Viper is a venomous snake associated with (shifting) dune habitats of fine, loose sand.

The Leaf-Nosed Viper employs rectilinear and serpentine motion to move around, but will sidewind when moving over loose sand or when alarmed. Occasionally, it climbs into bushes using its prehensile tail. This species is mainly nocturnal, but may also be crepuscular. It is also said to be bad-tempered, hissing very loudly and deeply. It will raise the front part of its body off the ground in a loop and strike aggressively

The Leaf-Nosed Viper can appear to sink down into the sand using a rocking or peristaltic motion. Following this, it will usually shake and rotate its head along the longitudinal axis to cover its head, leaving only its snout and eyes free of sand. It is thought that the enlarged nasorostral scales keep sand from entering the nostrils.

The Leaf-Nosed Viper preys upon small lizards, small rodents, and sometimes birds.